Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 30 November 2017 full episode written update: Ishita scares the tenants

By Mehak Arora

full highlights of yeh hai mohabbatein

Written by Mehak Arora | New Delhi | Published: November 30, 2017 10:23 pm

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 30 November 2017 full episode written update: Shagun goes to Bhalla’s house and Santoshi asks her to handle Raman.

Raman and Simmi are pissed off watching Ishita’s news when Romi comes and tells them that lawyer says Ishita isn’t wrong as there is such a clause in the contract and they might need to pay a huge penalty if they cancel the contract. Romi asks him to think twice before doing anything and Raman leaves. Simmi feels good that Ishita has made him her enemy.

Ishita thinks their relationship started as enemy and she is fine if this is what is needed to sort everything. Shagun sees the news and calls Mani and asks him if he saw the news and why is Ishita doing this. Mani says even he failed to understand and Shagun wonders why would Ishita want Raman’s loss and why would she repeat what she did years ago. Santoshi calls Shagun and asks her to come over and handle Raman as he is furious.

There Romi asks Raman to calm down and says that Ishita is their investor and they can’t do this to her, Raman says he needs to teach her a lesson and gets into the car when a class of ladies surround his car and badmouth him for being male chauvinist and start increasing light against him. Raman gets flashbacks from past and Santoshi comes there and asks the ladies to stop all this as they don’t know what sort of a person Raman is. The ladies start accusing her as well and Raman asks them to not utter a word against his mom. Romi gets that the same incident happened years ago and Ishita is doing this intentionally to get Raman’s memory back.

Ishita comes there and asks the ladies to leave and says she is a strong woman and she’ll handle him on her own and Raman says he will ruin her. Ishita thinks it all went how she planned it to be but what she wanted didn’t happen and she couldn’t trigger his memory. She says she wants Raman’s memory back and she’ll make it happen.

Shagun sees the ladies with Ashok and asks them if Ashok hired them and they tell that they are artists and he hired them to help Ishita. Shagun goes to Ishita and asks what she is upto and if she is recreating all this to get his memory back. She says Raman loves her then why is she doing such things to him but Ishita says she is in hurry and leaves.

Shagun goes to Bhalla’s house and Santoshi asks her to handle Raman as he is in his room and Simmi says she’ll also accompany her but Santoshi and Romi stop her. Simmi asks her to give the pills to him. Shagun enters the room and Raman asks what’s happening to him and says he is going mad and he feels this all has happened before too and asks if she knows Ishita. He says Simmi told him that Ishita killed Ananya but Shagun asks him to relax and says she knows her as much as he knows her and gives him the pills. Shagun hopes that what Ishita is doing is right.

Aaliya puts some stuff in her bag and sneaks out and meets Ishita outside and they execute their plan to scare the tenants by lighting diyas in front of their door and a power cut. The lady gets scared and goes to call the Watchman.

They call them on the landline and threaten to leave and act as ghost and the watchman is too involved in their plan and lies to the tenants that there was no power cut and the lady feels that they should accept Madhu’s offer as the house is haunted.

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