Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 14 Nov 2017 full episode written update: Ishita instigates Raman about his memory

By Mehak Arora

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Written by Mehak Arora | New Delhi | Published:November 14, 2017 8:58 pm

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 14 Nov 2017 full episode written update: Romi gets upset with Mr Bhalla and Santoshi for telling everything to Param.

Ishita asks Aaliya to do her a favour and anyhow make Raman not take those medicines. Aaliya says Simmi controls every thing related to Raman and it is very difficult to keep her away from him. She says they need a strong plan for that and Ishita tells her a plan and asks her to get Raman there and make sure Simmi doesn’t come along. Aaliya agrees and asks her to go as Shagun will be around.

Aaliya, Raman and Simmi are walking towards the car and Simmi gives the medicine to Raman and says she’ll get water. Aaliya pushes Raman and he drops the medicines. Simmi returns with a bottle of water and asks Raman what he is looking for. Raman says he is looking for medicine and Aaliya says he just had the medicine and must have forgotten. Simmi has got the water and Aaliya says he took the medicine with juice and Raman says he must have forgotten.

Shagun and Aadi come there and tell them cars are ready and Aaliya asks Aadi to go with Raman and she’ll come with Shagun and Simmi. Raman and Aadi get into car and Aaliya asks Simi to try the juice as it’s very tasty. Simi drinks the juice and starts scratching her body and asks which juice is this. Aaliya says it’s grape juice and Simmi yells at her and says she is allergic to grapes and she is stupid to not know this. Raman gets out of the car and says he’ll take her to doctor but Aaliya says they won’t have fun without him and Shagun asks him to go along with them and she’ll take Simmi to doctor.

Romi reaches home and gets upset with Mr Bhalla and Santoshi for telling everything to Param. Santoshi says he need to pay 5 Lacs to Mihika what option did she have. Neelu comes and gives Romi a courier and Romi tells them it’s a letter from counsellor. Mr Bhalla says he and Santoshi will go along to the counsellor. There at the counsellor Santoshi and Madhu get into argument that how she never supports her daughter in law’s. Counselor sends them out and talks to me Bhalla and Mr Iyer and says that she’ll need their help to save the marriage of Mihika and Romi.

Ruhi says to Ishita that she need not try to bring her close to Raman. Ishita says they are in business terms now and she should clear out if she has any problem with her as she doesn’t like to do business with such issues and she can still opt out of her company. Ishita says they all are related to each other now for the sake of business so they should mingle with eachother and asks her to join Aadi and Aaliya who are riding Segway. Ishita goes and sit besides Raman. She talks to him and Raman says he’ll call Simmi as it’s time for his medicine and he is having a slight headache. Ishita stops him and asks him to ignore it and pay attention to the beautiful place Budapest and talks about its history and says it’s not good to get so dependent on medicines. Ishita asks him to come along to ride Segway.

Raman asks her if she knows how to ride and she says they should try. Ishita loses its balance while getting on it and Raman asks her to hop onto his Segway. They both ride it together and reach some beautiful place. Ishita thinks of knowing how much he remembers and asks him about his wife and if she too is Punjabi. Raman says “madrasi” and pauses and then says Punjabi maybe but he doesn’t recall. Ishita says it’s ok as this happens when husbands are asked about their wives. She asks if she is very strict and Raman says “Jahnsi ki Rani”. He says she used to call him “Ravan Kumar”.

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