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What's The Worst Moment In The History Of Star Wars?

Revenge Of The Sith – NOOOOOOOOO

If the prequel trilogy was a baseball game, and Darth Vader was a player at bat, he’d never make it past home base. Strike one has to be the young and ridiculously cutesy portrayal that we saw in The Phantom Menace, with that second strike coming from the creepy/whiny Padawan that he becomes in Attack of the Clones. Which leaves Revenge of the Sith to deliver the final, damning strike against the character, and there are so many potential candidates to choose from. But only one can be the straw that broke the Jedi Order, and without question, it has to be the newly suited Vader screaming, “NOOOOOOOOO!” after learning of Padme’s death during childbirth. Way to rob a new generation of any sort of respect for the Sith, guys.

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