What is important in our life

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important in our life

  1. Discipline
  2. Love
  3. Health
  4. Learn new things
  5. Money
  6. Plan
  7. Writing Diary
  8. Time

Why discipline is important in our life because that brings a person more structured way with consistency.

Discipline plays a major role in many of our life. Let me give a simple example: The difference between Animal and human is discipline. The daily morning we wake up and do brushing teeth, taking both, going to school/office/work and sleep.

Now the above habit/discipline is not enough because that as I mentioned it only differentiates between Animal and us.

2 key important additional discipline i would say every one to follow,

  • Waking up early in the morning: Everyone in this world who achieved or going to achieve and you and I have the same 24 hrs in a day. Waking up early makes you feel like having more time in a day which helps to finish daily work on the same day.
  • Exercise: Like how we do brushing our teeth, taking a bath and having food. Exercise should be adopted as one of the regular habit or routine in our life. In the younger age, people feel healthier, but they will realize later when they get into trouble.

In this competitive world, one should focus on LOVE because the amount of stress, pressure and responsibility push them to get frustrated easily. So, one should Love the people who surrounded you (family, friends) and live with the people who loves you more. Make sure you keep them happy. It gives 10 times back. Due to the busy schedule, people forget to take care of LOVE.

Any human without LOVE is waste. Even giving back to society is also one kind of LOVE. If nothing is there at least you should LOVE yourself.

If you forget to take care of your health. Forget the rest of the things in your life. Most of the people work to earn money and forget to take care of health and later when they fall on sick, whatever they earn, they give to either doctor /children without enjoying anything. So Health is very important. Make sure your health includes exercise, healthy food and sleep.

Learn new things:
Try to spend some time reading books because the people who succeeded in their life have a habit of reading books. Why to read books because everyone will not get an opportunity to experience everything. At least by reading, we get others experience which helps to overcome the same situation if it happens in our life. That way it helps to touch the success point easily. It is not necessary to read books daily but make sure you learn something new every day.

Money is important in our life. Few of them say it is not important, I say it is also important because few things can only be achieved by Money but we should not run behind always. Most of them fail in this case by running behind.

Understand, the people who have more money are not happy in their life. At the same time, the people who don’t have money is also not happy. So anything beyond the limit is not safe and without anything is also not safe.

The plan is a very important factor in our life because if you do not plan what you want to achieve then you will never taste the happiness in your life. Ex: Any game if you take it will have either target/time-bounded. If the game does not have a target/time will it be interesting? Now to success in the game you should have a plan in place. Without a plan you can still win, but if you plan your success of winning is higher.

Our life is also a game. We have time-bounded in this earth. So if you plan what you want to achieve you will taste the value of time, money and happiness.

Writing a diary:
People might think about why this? But if you just lean back and think you will agree. Because continues improvement is a very important factor for any human to correct himself. Writing a daily note will help what he/she has done for the day. This will subconsciously will correct your mistake from the past and push you to think different from your regular thought process.

In this world, no one can buy/stop is TIME. Many people think about their past and waste their current time. Like the same few of them think too much about their future and waste their current time. The one who utilize their time effectively wins. How effectively utilize the time we will see in a different topic.

Conclusion: All the 8 points are very important in our life because each points are correlated. Especially Discipline is the one which is very very important because if you don’t have you cannot do/follow/achieve the rest of the points mentioned above.

All the best !!!

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