What is happiness in our life

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As we all know happiness is something that we get when we achieve something or how satisfied in our life. It is difficult for us to measure the happiness in our life because it will vary from person to person.

In this earth, if you ask anyone what they want to know, Or what is the secret of happiness and how to achieve that. Everyone will have a different opinion. But as mentioned, it is difficult to conclude.

If you ask someone what is happiness he/she will say Sleeping brings me happiness, few will say reading books bring them happiness and few spending time with friends/family brings happiness and few says if I have money I will be happy in life.

In this article, I am sharing a few secrets which make you feel where is happiness. Let start with a small story,

In a village, a fisherman daily use to go to a lake and catch the fish and return back home and cook and eat. He also sells few and makes money as he wants. He continued doing this activity daily.

On the same route, a big businessman also uses to come and fish daily and watch the fisherman activity. To his surprises, the fisherman could catch the fish real quick compare to him.

One fine day, the businessman approached the fisherman and started speaking to him. The day passed both of them became friends.

The businessman while speaking to the fisherman he said, you wasted your life poor man. By this time you could have been a richer person like me. The fisherman asked why? The businessman continued and said you were able to catch the fish real quick where if you do more you could earn money.

The conversation continued and finally, he made the fisherman feel bad that he is not doing things correctly.

The fisherman with a smiling face he asks a few questions to the businessman,
FM: If I spend more time and catch more fish daily what will happen?
BM: You could earn money more.
FM: Then?
BM: You can start your own business.
FM: Then?
BM: You will earn even more business.
FM: Then?
BM: You will have a car, building, enjoy with friends etc..
FM: Then?
BM: You can buy whatever you want
FM: Then?
BM: You can come daily like me in a car for fishing.

The fisherman finally, smiled and said now what I am doing? We both are doing the same. Only the difference is you wasted your entire life running behind on all those things and finally reached the place where I am now.

It is not about how fast you work/earn. It is all about how happy you work and live.

Conclusion: In our life, we look at others and running behind which is not required. Example: A person getting a job, working more than 8 hours in a day. After a few years switching to another company for more salary and he/she continued the same till he/she gets retired.

Like the same the businessman, works 365 days and when he/she have sufficient money their age gone.

God has given an individual to live their life and enjoy but, the human in the name of sixth sense comparing others and running behind money. They really miss many small things and feeling bad at the later stage.

Simple steps:
1. The money will give you only 10% of happiness
2. Stay with the people whom you love more or who loves you which gives you 30% happiness
3. Do what you like which gives 20% happiness
4. Spend time with family, friends and kids which gives you 20% happiness
5. Give back to society and poor who really needs your support which will give you rest of happiness.

If you look at it, we came to this world with an empty hand and leave with an empty hand. So live and enjoy each and every moment of life and be happy. !!!

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  1. HogarReexeno says:

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  2. Myxircic says:

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  3. SvenJon says:

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  4. AmulEthinly says:

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