Watch: Whale comes to the rescue of female diver, saves her from tiger shark

New Delhi: Time and again, whales have proved to be smarter than humans in many aspects.

Apart from their smart nature, they also have intuitive nature to protect other species.

This can be very well seen in a video that has awed people across the world.

The video shows how a 25-ton humpback whale comes to the rescue of a female diver and saves her from a shark.

63-year-old marine biologist Nan Hauser was on one of her expeditions with the team, but a shark confronted them on their trip.

Within seconds, the whale pushed her to safety using its head and mouth to the other side, gently lifting the scientist out of the water entirely.

After the team came to their senses, they validated and came to terms with the fact that whales, in fact, posses instincts to protect other species.

Watch video:

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Via:: Zee News – Environment


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