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There’s A Fight Scene In Incredibles 2 That Fans Are Going To Love

Pixar is doing what it can to keep Jack-Jack’s powers under wraps for now, so I can tell you what I saw but I’ll dance around some specifics. Basically, the scene proves that Bob Parr (Craig T. Nelson) doesn’t quite understand the full scope of Jack-Jack’s abilities. Late one night, with dad asleep on the couch, Jack-Jack spies a raccoon rummaging through the trash. Thinking that the animal looks too much like a criminal on the television set (they sport the same black mask around their eyes), the baby hero investigates, and the brawl begins. It’s limited to the backyard, but it’s a definite standoff between stubborn personalities, as the raccoon tries to fend off Jack-Jack’s attack, only to see that he’s horribly outmatched as the toddler’s powers reveal themselves. We know from the first movie that Jack-Jack can immerse his body in fire, Human Torch style. The poster proves he has laser beams that can shoot from his eyes. And the raccoon scene shows off a full gamut of the baby’s untapped abilities. They are a sight to see!

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