#SocialSkim: Facebook's Sweeping Algorithm Change; LinkedIn's Repositioning: 11 Stories This Week

This week’s ‘Skim: why marketers and brands should beware of Facebook’s biggest algorithm change in years; LinkedIn fires up an unconventional ad campaign to get people thinking differently about the platform; Facebook unveils major new drive to compete with Amazon Echo devices and Google Home; America’s love-hate relationship with social networks, and which ones they want to see gone forever; why LinkedIn has new competition in Ripple, a professional networking app spinoff from Tinder; the reason leaked Snapchat data paints a dark picture of the app’s future, and why marketers would rather advertise on Instagram; how to create social campaigns that engage and get attention; the new social network dedicated to breaking the echo chamber; and much more…

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1. Facebook announces biggest algorithm change in years

Over the next few weeks, Facebook is set to implement

10. Neglecting your YouTube channel? Here’s how to grow it.

YouTube can serve as a great platform for tutorials, testimonials, unboxing, and tons of other video content that can help generate leads and facilitate answers to customers’ questions. But how can a brand create video content that works well with YouTube’s algorithm to maximize performance?

It’s not just enough to post videos multiple times per week, so Social Media Examiner has 15 top tactics for growing a YouTube channel.

Find out how you can begin videos with an interesting hook, why you should keep opening and closing credits short, tips to create attractive thumbnails, the best way to design a three-pronged content mix, how to use end screens to drive traffic, and much more.

11. We’ll wrap with the app dedicated to breaking the echo chamber that is social media

In 2017 we heard lots of chatter about fake news, online abuse, and the fact that social media can often serve as an echo chamber in which we surround ourselves with people who think like us. Micgoat, a new social app dedicated to opposing viewpoints and facilitating cordial debate, hopes to change all that. It launched in the App Store last week

The app asks users to submit short, debate-format videos of themselves defending their positions on anything ranging from Net Neutrality to the merits of a basic universal income. Thanks to users’ not being able to hide behind anonymous text, and needing to tie a Facebook profile to their accounts, so far the app reports that abuse hasn’t been a problem.

That’s more than a positive step in the right direction, if you ask us.

Let’s block ads! (Why?)

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