Is it a joke: NGT slams review petition on odd-even, Delhi government withdraws it

New Delhi: The National Green Tribunal on Tuesday came down with a heavy hand on the review petition filed by the Delhi government seeking to allow two-wheelers in the exemption list of odd-even rule. Highlighting studies which have found two-wheelers to pollute more than cars, the NGT asked if the review petition was a joke, forcing the government to withdraw it.

Delhi government had filed its review petition on Monday and had sought to keep two-wheelers and women drivers in the list of exemptions. This after NGT had said it won’t allow odd-even rule to be implemented in Delhi unless its benefits were established and unless the list of exemptions given was trimmed down only to include emergency vehicles. On Tuesday, the NGT questioned why two-wheelers should be exempted. “When reports have stated that two-wheelers are more polluting than four-wheelers, why do you intend to give arbitrary exemptions? Is this a joke? What does one stand to gain from this?” it asked.

The NGT also suggested that Delhi government comes up with ‘logical explanations for odd-even exemptions’ if and when they approach it again.

The third round of odd-even was scheduled to be implemented from November 13 for five days in a bid to battle toxic air quality in Delhi and adjoining areas. The NGT however slammed the brakes on the traffic management system and said it was too little too late – urging for more determined measures to tackle pollution.

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