How to lose weight tips and tricks

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Everyone wants to lose their weight in a shorter duration with less effort.
First, let us understand what is the ideal weight for Male and Female chart. Without understanding the chart there is no point focusing on reducing or gaining weight.

The common Impact & Risk of overweight
1. High blood pressure
2. Heart attack
3. Breathing problem
4. Joint pain
5. Diabetes
6. Cannot sit/walk/stand/run
7. Cannot taste as they wish etc..

Due to lack of knowledge, most of them use to fail in their attempt when they try to reduce the weight. They blindly do heavy exercise or jogging and see no much improvement in their weight then gradually they will give up.

If everyone follows the below steps, can see the result in a three months duration.

The 9 steps to reduce weight 
1. Understand what is Calories, Protein, Carbohydrates, Vitamins, Mineral, Cholesterol, Fat etc.
2. Learn in which food what it contains.
3. Reduce Carbohydrates, Cholesterol and fat-related foods. (Still needed for a body so don’t completely avoid)
4. Eat on time, add more fruits and vegetables. 
5. Exercise is important because it helps to reduce faster with the above points.
6. Avoid sleeping after food, give at least 2 hours gap. Don’t sleep in day time.
7. Avoid junk foods because the body accepts first and react later.
8. Drink more water. If possible, hot water because it helps to remove fat from the body at times.
9. Sleep on time and sleep for at least 6-8 hrs.

Lose weight tips and tricks

If you make a habit of above-mentioned points, your health will be 100% and weight will come to control.

Simple formula 
Control food + Regular exercise + Good sleep = Healthy & Peaceful life
No control food + No exercise + No proper sleep = No good life
Control food + No exercise + Good sleep = Any time problem waiting.
No control food + Regular exercise + Good sleep = Works for sometime but not after 40 years
Control food + Regular exercise + No sleep = No use

Above points are purely based on experience. If you like it share it else share your thoughts and comments below.

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