Bigg Boss 11: Nitibha Kaul and Manu Punjabi root for Shilpa Shinde. Watch video

By A. Kameshwari

nitibha and manu want shilpa shinde to win bigg boss 11

Written by A. Kameshwari | New Delhi | Published: January 13, 2018 9:53 am

Ex-Bigg Boss contestants Nitibha Kaul and Manu Punjabi expressed their opinion on Bigg Boss 11 finalists.

Bigg Boss 11 finale is a just a day away. People are voting for their favourite contestant out of Vikas Gupta, Puneesh Sharma, Hina Khan and Shilpa Shinde. Even as India is busy voting, ex-Bigg Boss contestants Nitibha Kaul and Manu Punjabi are pretty confident that this season’s trophy is going to Shilpa Shinde.

In an exclusive conversation with, the two revealed their opinion on Bigg Boss 11 finalists. Manu said, “For me, I relate my journey with Vikas Gupta. He is playing mind games. He has supported people. He did wrong and right against them. He kept Arshi Khan, Puneesh Sharma and Akash Dadlani with him.”

He continued, “People hate me for supporting him as he is a celebrity but I clearly say that this is nothing to do with my future or career because along with Vikas we have Hina and Shilpa too who can give me work and frankly, in Mumbai, everyone cares about their mess more than others, but my reason to support Vikas is that he has given a lot to the show.”

However, Manu is pretty sure Vikas will not be the winner. “He is clearly not the winner. Just how I was very sure about my journey on the show last year, I am sure about him too.”

Nitibha, rooting for her favourite contestant Shilpa, said, “Shilpa is my favourite. Her journey has been dynamic. She started on a high pitch with some action, controversies and fights with Vikas. Then she became a motherly figure.” Agreeing with Nitibha, Manu added, “Actually, she is the mastermind as she has beautifully shown her different shades. She has maintained her dignity too. I have seen something that people who work in kitchen are extremely sorted, not only in the show but in general too. And if you have noticed, never before in any season, kitchen was shown so prominently but because Shilpa was there and was entertaining.”

But on being asked who would win the show, Nitibha said, “We feel Hina and Shilpa will have a tie because Hina has a huge fan following but personally, I did not like her journey because she turned really bitchy in between but overall, she has been an amazing player. I did not like her nature.”

“But clean chit winner is Shilpa Shinde,” said Manu. Last year, Bigg Boss 10 winner was a commoner but this year, the two ex-Bigg Boss contestant can’t see any possibility of Puneesh, the only commoner finalist on the show, being the winner. “Puneesh does not deserve to be the winner. He does not have it in him. Arshi deserved to be in the top five. She did a lot on the show.”

Adding to it, Nitibha said, “The highlight of his journey was his relationship with Bandgi. I would not say it is fake or something. It was genuine but otherwise nothing outstanding.”

Manu also quipped that Puneesh and Akash tried to be Manu and Manveer but failed.

Post Bigg Boss, Manu and Nitibha have been busy. The duo shared many instances that made them feel like a celebrity but they maintain that they try and be as normal as possible. The former contestants would soon be seen on television with their new show, Date to Remember, which would air on MTV from February onwards. The show would have nine boys and eighteen girls as contestants. Manu, Nitibha, Indeep Bakshi and Splitsvilla contestant Divya will play the role of being perfect mentors.

On being asked about their opinion on dating, Manu very funnily said, “I love dating. I would love to date every day. I would go out with different girls,” while Nitibha expressed she is choosy about her partner.

But would they date each other? “No no, we are sorted in that way. We are buddies. We never had that vibe. I give him advice and we connect in aspect of how we think.”

Further, Manu explained what is his way to woo a girl. “I am a very simple guy. I speak what I feel. And usually, I am quite flirtatious by nature. I make the girl feel like a princess. I like to interact with them but yes, there is no planning or plotting. I make them see who I am and if they like me, we can take it forward,” said Manu.

The two also shared how their bond has grown post Bigg Boss 10. Manu said,” We have bonded really well. We care for each other. She is family now and I care for her the same way. She would not ask permission but order. So, it is quite a chill scene.”

Coming back to the show they are going to host together, Manu said the sole reason why people would love the show is the fact that it is being judged by a commoner they know. “People will relate to us. We will ask questions that has been going on in your mind,” said Manu. He also believes that this show’s success will prove if he is a celebrity or not.

Nitibha said unlike other shows thriving on controversies, MTV Date to Remember will promote love and create connection and chemistry between people, which would be loved by the Indian audience.

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