2018 horoscope for all zodiac signs: Find out what the stars have in store for you

By Peter Vidal

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Written by Peter Vidal | New Delhi | Updated: December 31, 2017 7:48 pm

Find out what the stars have in store for you this week.

The New Year is upon us and it is full of possibilities. Irrespective of the way the last year unfolded, this is a new start, one that comes with its own set of anticipation, challenges and surprises. With hopes of a better tomorrow and brighter future in all aspects of life – love, career, money and the well-being, here’s what the New Year has to offer and what the stars have in store for you. Read these and pay heed to them. Know what and when to be cautious and when is your peak period and prepare yourself, as much as you can, for 2018. Usher in the New Year with songs and wishes.


You may find it surprisingly difficult to talk openly about whatever is going on in your life, not because you are being secretive but because of your strong feelings on the matter. After April, a mystery may re-surface from the past which you will need to clear up. You are advised to choose your words with care! Also, sit down and take stock of your social life. If you are thinking about shuffling your circle of friends, make your decisions any time after June. Planetary patterns in August and September bring — what has been a rather intense period — to an end. From then on, things will start to be somewhat lively — if not electrifying!


This is sure to be an ambitious period and even if you have paid no attention to career issues in the last year, you will suddenly find yourself making applications, seeking promotion and generally trying to secure respect from friends and colleagues. Partners may have to learn to take the second place. The last half of the year brings a set of challenging planetary alignments although you will be less affected than many of your friends. Your financial affairs could be in turmoil temporarily but with refreshing and hopefully profitable consequences in the end.

Now that the planets are once again gathering in inspirational parts of your chart, you may be even more determined to create your own domestic paradise. Yet, you know better than most, that real life is not always as it seem and between January and July you could be pushing the bounds of what is possible. Freedom beckons, as does more space and luxury, so seize every offer that comes your way — at least until you can see whether it is going to work or not. Although you are still poised to rid yourself of various personal constraints, you may have to wait a
little longer yet. Patience will be rewarded.


The planets will be sending other people to challenge you, it’s true and on all fronts, but don’t fight back blindly; listen to what they have to say about you and try to remedy any shortcomings which you think may be true. September should be an invigorating month for you — socially, creatively and romantically. The energetic planet, Mars puts you in top gear for business projects. Perhaps you should team up with someone, get yourself a sparring partner to bounce your ideas off.Developments will be especially lively after September.

Jupiter’s enthusiastic position will reinforce your livelier and more ambitious qualities in March, but in July you will enter a more businesslike phase. In other words, your main priority will be to build on the opportunities which you have created in the past and to lay foundations for enterprise in the future when exciting influences return. Your financial prospects look strongest in September-October but it seems that while your turnover will increase, savings will not and that any rise in your earnings will be compensated for by an increase in your spending.

There is no escape from the blunt fact that the beginning of the year will be busier than usual and that you will be pre-occupied with extra tasks as well as routine chores. Try to see such a period as a necessary phase of constructive security. The burden will be lifting by early March and when, in June, the Moon meets the Sun, you will be poised to spring into action with renewed vigour. If you have been caged by obligations and emotional ties, you may break free with one magnificent bound. People you live with will just have to put up with you!



You are in a secretive mood and feeling like withholding information even from close partners. In an attempt to escape complications elsewhere in your life, you may channel your energy into social or romantic escapades, but partners can all too easily feel neglected if you spread affections too thin. So,if you want to avoid personal upsets, make time
to soothe troubled brows at home. July could be a sticky month, especially if you are straining at the leash and battling against unfair restrictions. You will soon get over it, though, and will be in an even better position to cherish the best that love can offer.

To start with, take advantage of serious opportunities to make a profit or boost your income in April and May. Stunning developments in your career are likely to happen at several times, mainly when Venus and Mars take a hand in your affairs during June and July. Hopefully, all your years of effort will be well rewarded, thanks to the passage of the wonderful planet Jupiter through supportive regions of your chart from July onwards. You must, though, see to it that home and family circumstances are taken care of and not threatened by professional changes. Profitable financial trends return in November, but you may be more interested in enjoying yourself than in salting away more cash.

It will soon be your duty to go into battle! At Read More…

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